Tuesday’s Turkish Tradition: Tulips

Many people recognize the tulip as a flower, but many do not know where they originate from. Many think it is from the Netherlands, but actually that is not correct. They originated in Turkey! In the 1500s in Turkey, tulips were developed and cultivated for the pleasure of the sultan and his entourage. It was during this time that it became a symbol of wealth and prestige in Turkey. Tulips were then sent from Turkey to Prague and then from Prague to the Netherlands and then from the Netherlands to the whole world. Tulips still are found throughout Turkey today and are still considered Turkey’s national flower.

As tulips were transported from their home in Turkey to the whole world, we pray to be transported from our homes over to Turkey taking with us the truth of the gospel. We want to see the truth of the gospel planted in the lives of the people and culture of Turkey, then see churches planted throughout all Turkey, and then from Turkey the truth of the gospel and churches planted throughout all the world.

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