Lessons from Orientation

This week I have been at Vision Baptist Missions orientation at Sand Mountain Bible Camp in Trenton, GA. God has really blessed and I have learned many things. Some of the classes have been on dealing with heartache, working as a team, spiritual warfare, finances, being in it for the long-haul, using your influence and we will have several more tonight and tomorrow morning. We have been able to sit around and bond as a family, but also get the instruction that we need to help us as missionaries. One session that has really stuck with me was about dealing with heartache. The main point of the class was to look at all that Christ did for us and all the heartache he had. We must go to God for healing and rely on God. Heartaches will come, but we must remember Christ promised to always be with us. We must remember that in the good and in the bad times. There is only one answer for your heartache and it is Jesus.

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