Weekly Update

God has been good over the last week and we are looking forward to this upcoming week. We heard of one new supporter last week! We are praising the Lord for helping us to get the rest of this year booked. We, currently, only have 23 more open dates for this year!


  • This past Sunday we wrapped up teaching the children’s class at our home church.
  • We were able to present in one church in Georgia Sunday night.
  • We will be presenting in three churches in Georgia this week.
  • June 6-10th we will be at the Our Generation Camp in Trenton, GA. You can check out visionmisisons.com to get more information and register! We would love to see you and your church at the camp!

Thank you for all your prayers and support! Continue to pray that we will be able to finish filling up our schedule for this year and then into next year. Also, pray that we will be able to raise our support quickly so we can get the truth of the gospel to Turkey as soon as possible!

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