Tuesday’s Turkish Tradition: Turkish Hospitality- Empty Food Containers



Tupperware, plastic bowls, dishes, pie plates and more are all containers you would send leftovers or food to people in America. Usually we would get those containers, eat the contents, wash them and send them back with a thank you note. Well, in Turkey it is just a little different. Typically, as apart of their hospitality, they will send you home with containers of food after they have had you over to their house or will just bring them by your house to give you dinner. In Turkey though, you do not return the container back empty. Instead you would then make either the same dish or something similar and bring it back to the original owner! Normally, Turkish people try to one-up each other with better recipes than what was originally given to them. All this is apart of traditional, Turkish hospitality! Will you pray that God will help us to raise our support quickly so that we can share many different dishes with Turkish people but not just that but also share the truth of the gospel with them?

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