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Men who Mentored Me: Dr. Ben Kendrick


Dr. Ben Kendrick although he was a deacon, a retired missionary and a college missions director; he would take time for a young man like me. From the first time I met him he showed an interest in my life and gave me several books on missions for free. I loved to hear him preach as he told stories of his life, how God worked in his life and called him to missions and the amazing stories he would tell of all that happened while he served in Africa. He would always take time to ask how I was doing, but he really took an interest in my spiritual life. He would spend time sharing the Bible with me and asking me what I was learning in the Bible. He showed me the importance of loving people and teaching the Bible. I learned from him how God loves the whole world and wants the Gospel to get to all nations. Although he may have never known it, Dr. Kendrick laid the foundation for my heart for souls, discipleship, church planting and missions! I am so thankful for the impact that Dr. Kendrick had on my life and how he took time to pour his life into mine!

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