What discipleship isn’t.


What Discipleship ISN’T

  1. Preaching from the Pulpit— Although preaching is vital in a Christian’s life, it is not the best method of discipleship!
  2. A Certificate—Most discipleship programs offer some sort of certificate for completion but discipleship is not just getting a certificate; it is much deeper than that.
  3. A Fast Program— It is not something that just happens and is done in a short amount of time.
  4. A List of Rules— Discipleship is not about giving a new believer a list of rules to follow.
  5. Only for a Select Group
  6. A Twelve Step Program
  7. An Optional Course
  8. An Accountability System— Although discipleship should bring accountability, it is not what discipleship is all about!
  9. You fill in the blank what cute phrase or idea you have heard discipleship is!

Next week we will look at what discipleship is, but I would like to hear from you the things that you believe discipleship isn’t and also what do you believe discipleship is?