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Men Who Mentored Me: Don Nations


Men who mentored me: Don Nations

Don Nations was the principle at the Christian school I attended. I got to know him before we attended the school because he would alway ask me to come in the summer and help move books for the beginning of school! He definitely taught me to work hard and I always looked forward to the time during the summer I got to spend with him. He always had time for me in church as well, and took an interest in my life. At the beginning, I was in his office more times that I can remember and not for good things. I was in his office because I was in trouble. But each time I would go in, he would pray with me and encourage me with the Bible. He said he saw potential in me and he didn’t want me to waste or ruin my life by the way I was acting. He loved and cared for me and even though many times I was angry at him because I was getting in trouble, he truly cared for me and prayed for me. He spent time with me and saw the potential in me and finally God got ahold of my heart and I stopped being the troublemaker. Even though I was never in his office again for problems, I always knew his office was open for me to come and talk with him. He continued all throughout my high school years and into college, encouraging me and praying for me! He poured his life into mine and saw the potential I had if I gave my life to God and no matter how bad I got he did not give up on me! I am so thankful for his influence and mentorship in my life! Who in your life are you mentoring and who is your mentor? What ways have people poured into your life and in what way are you pouring your life into others?

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