Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor James Zenker


Men who mentored me: Pastor James Zenker

I had the privilege of spending a semester in college over in England. Bro. Zenker was the head of the British division and was also pastoring a church there in England. While there, he spent time pouring his life into many of us students. He had a heart for world evangelism and he wanted the world to be reached with the gospel! There were many times we were riding around in the van after services that he would take time and talk to us about the ministries we were involved in or ways we could improve our preaching or teaching. He spent time with us even though he himself was very busy with all the responsibilities that fell upon him. He spent time pouring his life into mine and teaching me and helping me to grow in Christ and for that, I am so thankful! Looking forward to see how God will continue to use him as he pour his life into many more people as he continues to serve in England!

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