How to Start Discipleship?


How to Start Discipleship?

So you haven’t been involved in discipleship and are wondering how to get involved and how to start discipleship. Maybe your church doesn’t have a discipleship program in place. Hopefully this article will be helpful as we go through how you can start and continue discipleship in your life and in your church!

  1. Find a program.

The first step would be to find discipleship material to use. There are many resources out there. One I would highly recommend is Foundations.  It was written by a man in our church and is being used all over the world! If you are interested in getting these let me know and I can get you either the digital copies or get you in contact if you would like the printed material. I am not saying this is the only program to use but I highly recommend it! Striving Together also has  really good material. These are not the only ones out there but I would recommend looking over a material before choosing one. It needs to have lessons on God, Jesus, Salvation, Assurance of salvation, baptism, personal relationship with God, and so on. You want to be able to take this material and use it with someone who is unsaved and also someone who has been in church a while but never went through a discipleship program.

2. Talk with your pastor.

Get with your pastor and tell him your interest in getting involved in discipleship. I am sure he will have advice for you and may even have materials you can use.

3. Find others in your church who would be interested in getting involved.

These would be people who have already been through some sort of discipleship program and are mature, reproducing Christians. You want to get across to them the need of discipleship and how they can be involved! This may involve having a class and teaching them the importance of discipleship and how it should be done. The more people involved the more effective your discipleship program can be in the long run!

4. Look for people in the church to disciple.

Try to find people in your church that need to be discipled or would be interested. Approach them and ask them if they would like to study the Bible and grow more as a Christian. Examples of people to look for would be ones who have recently started attending your church, new Christians, unbelievers who are coming to your church and Christians who are not yet mature in Christ. Do not overload yourself and take too many on at once. If there are more people in your church that want to be involved then pass them on to the discipleship team in your church! If you are the only one, start small. Find one or two to work with and as you work with them and disciple them, they should begin to grow in Christ and get to the place where they can disciple others!

5. Keep going!

Keep the cycle going! As people are discipled they should in turn find someone themselves to disciple! This should be a never ending cycle of discipleship!

6. Pray!

You should be doing this the whole time – before, during and after. Prayer is a vital part. Pray for wisdom about starting the program. Pray for direction for finding those to get involved in your church. Pray that God would send you people to disciple. Pray that those that are discipled will get saved, grow in Christ and then disciple others! Pray that God will use this to have an impact on reaching the world with the Gospel!

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