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Men who mentored me: Kevin (and Ana) Ruwersma

Men who mentored me: Kevin and Ana Ruwersma

In this one I had to include both husband and wife because, in reality, they both spent time pouring into my life and the semester I spent in England, they became like a second set of parents to me. I had the privilege many weekends while in England to stay at their house while we ministered at Beeches Road Baptist. I was one of the students that spent the most time at their house and grew close to both of them. They would both spend time talking with me and helping me through things. They helped me with my walk with the Lord, as well as learning to work with others and grow in ministry. Although our time together was short, it made a lasting impact on my life as they took their lives and poured into mine. Even after my time in England, we stayed in contact and spoke several times, each time was always encouraging. Kevin even helped give some advice to me when I was looking to start deputation with things I should and shouldn’t do. They took time and poured their lives into mine even though I was a know-it-all college student. The time they took for me, impacted my life, and helped me grow and become who I am today. They continue to pour their lives into others as they serve God and minister overseas. What person in your close circle is someone that maybe no one else is willing to pour their life into? Would you be the one to pour your life into that individual and see what God can do not only through you but through them?

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