How to Get People Involved in Discipleship


How to Get People Involved in Discipleship?

So you want to start a discipleship program or maybe you already have, but now you want others to get involved. How do you do this? How can you help others get involved in discipleship? There are many ways to get people involved but lets talk about the most effective means of doing so.

  1. Be excited about it!

People like high energy individuals that are excited about what they are doing! No one likes someone who is all down and out and has no excitement, but we will flock to people who are filled with excitement. Be excited about the discipleship ministry and it will interest others because they see your excitement!

2. Show people the need!

If people do not realize how great a need there is for discipleship they will never get involved. Show them first that we are commanded to do it. Show them the need around the world, in your community and in your church! As people see the need, they should realize they need to get involved with discipleship! Many times people do no do things because they do not know the need or reason behind doing them. Show them the need and they will see the importance of it!

3. Promote it!

If you do not promote or talk about it, no one will become interested in it! If people do not know about something how can they get involved in it? Make announcements about it in church, put it in the bulletin, have meetings about it,  and so on.  Promote it and let people know how they can become involved in discipleship!

4. Make a big deal about it!

If you make a big deal about being discipled and also discipling others people will be more interested in getting involved! Honor those who disciple others and honor those that finish the discipleship program! If you make a big deal and make this your focus others will be interested in getting involved! If you make little of it and don’t honor those who go through it or get involved few will be interested in it!

5. Disciple others!

If you want more people to get involved in discipleship the easiest way is to disciple others who will in turn go and disciple other people. As you disciple it should be with the intent that the other person grows to a place where they get involved in discipleship! As they disciple someone then that person should get involved in discipleship and before you know it you have an army of discipleship workers!

You should want to be involved in discipleship, but to have an effective discipleship ministry and vision in your church you need others to get involved! You cannot do it all on your own, but if you train others and get others involved you can have an effective discipleship ministry that is reaching your community and reaching the world!

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