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Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor Shawn Cuthbertson

Men who mentored me: Pastor Shawn Cuthbertson

After I graduated from college, I was seeking God’s direction for my life. I was looking for a place to serve under a pastor who would teach and train me more about ministry and how a church functions. God directed me to Liberty Baptist Church, Pine Bluff, AR and Pastor Shawn Cuthbertson. Pastor Cuthberson took a chance on an awkward, fresh out of college, kid. He took me under his wing and allowed me to work as his youth pastor. He would spend time talking with me and teaching me. He allowed me to make mistakes and then after making a mistake, would take the time to help me realize what I did wrong and how we could fix it. He tried his best to teach me all that he had learned and he was a great blessing and help. He helped me to grow as a Christian and in my walk with God. He took time and poured his life into mine and helped me grow spiritually and in my knowledge of how to do ministry. Where many would not take a chance or time to work with a green, college student, Pastor Cuthbertson took a chance on me and invested his life into mine. He helped me to become the man and Christian that I am today! Are you a pastor and have young men in your church that need to be mentored? Would you take time and pour your life into them? As a Christian, would you take time and pour your life into others?

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