How to avoid becoming a missionary


How to avoid becoming a missionary

So are you afraid of becoming a missionary? Well, then you will enjoy this article. I have listed ten ways you can avoid becoming a missionary. Read carefully, because you definitely do not want to become a missionary.

  1. Don’t read your Bible— As you read the Bible you’ll see God’s heartbeat is that all the world would be saved and know that He is God and Lord.
  2. Avoid missionaries— If you are not around them you won’t hear and see the need all around the world.
  3. Don’t take a missions trip— You won’t see the great need in other countries if you stay at home and avoid going overseas.
  4. Don’t read missionary biographies— Why read about how God used ordinary men who did extraordinary things all around the world? Don’t read about missionaries of the past and you will avoid becoming a missionary because your heart won’t be stirred for the need of missions.
  5. Focus on taking care of you—Focus on getting the next best thing and having a great job, with a great family and all that comes with that.
  6. Think about all your failures and how horrible a missionary you would make— There is no way God could use me, right? I have too many issues and have made too many mistakes!
  7. Be concerned with money— Pour all your time and resources in how you have to make and have more money.
  8. Think and make yourself indispensable where you are— If nobody can do what you do, then there is no way you can leave where you are and go overseas. You are needed too much here!
  9. Hang around only people who are not worried about the Bible or the Great Commission— Don’t want someone bringing up the need all around the world? Make sure your group of friends never talk about getting the Gospel to the world!
  10. Always think that missionaries are these super spiritual giants on lofty pedestals— If you think this, you will think there is no way you can ever become like them or get to where they are! They are way more spiritual than you and never have the spiritual battles you have!

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