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Men Who Mentored Me: Pastor Andrew Davis


Men who mentored me: Pastor Andrew Davis

I met Pastor Davis when I moved to Virginia. I was in the process of getting married but wanted to be involved as much as I could in the church. Pastor Davis gave me many opportunities to get involved. His office was always open to me and we would meet and talk quite often. He would help to encourage me and help me to grow in my service to the Lord, as well as in my walk with the Lord. He took time out of his busy schedule to pour his life into mine and to help me. He gave me great advice when I was looking to get involved in missions and because of his advice and direction it helped to lead me to where I am today! He invited me to go on a missions trip to Cambodia with him and that also helped to increase my fervor and burden for missions all around the world. Pastor Davis took time to pour his life into a young man and help him along the way. He helped me to grow and get to where I am today. I am so thankful for God for putting him in my life and that he took the time to pour his life into mine! Pastor or Christian, who in your church are you pouring your life into? Do you think you don’t have the time? What could you give up so you could pour your life into others? Who is pouring their life into you and who are you pouring you life into! I would like to hear from you, how you are pouring your life into someone else and maybe even better ways not only to disciple others, but to hep mentor the next generation!

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