How to Become a Missionary!


How to become a missionary!

So last week we looked at how to avoid becoming a missionary but this week I want you to look at how you can become a missionary! I think everyone should at least struggle and debate if God wants you to go to the mission field or not. But here are some ways to become a missionary.

  1. Read your Bible— As you read your Bible you will begin to see God’s love for the whole world and that He wants the world to be reached with the Gospel! As you read, you’ll see the need and call to go and take the Gospel all around the world.
  2. Spend time and talk with missionaries— As missionaries come to your church, go up and talk with them. See their heart and burden for the field and for the world. As you talk with missionaries you will begin to see the need for the Gospel to be taken all around the world.
  3. Go on a missions trip— What better way to see the need around the world then to take a missions trip and help a missionary our for a week or two! You will get to see, first hand, the need of the Gospel all around the world.
  4. Read missionary biographies— See the type of men and women God used in the past. See how God overcame their struggles and difficulties and used them to do great things for Him. As you read the biographies, you will see how God can use you and the need of the Gospel all around the world.
  5. Focus on others— Stop thinking just about yourself and focus yourself on being a servant. Learn to love and serve others. As you love others, you can’t help but take the gospel and see people as souls in need of a Savior.
  6. Don’t focus on your failures but look at God and how He can overcome them—As you read the Bible, you see that many mighty men of God made mistakes and messed up but God still used them! He overcame their difficulties and used them in spite of themselves! No matter what your issue or problem is, God can and will overcome and can use you to take the Gospel all around the world.
  7. Be a giver—Don’t be overly concerned with money. Give cheerfully and give often. As you give, you will want to give more and give towards missions and as you give towards missions and are a giver, money will no longer be a worry or concern. You will enjoy giving and God may even call you to give your life to serve him taking the Gospel all around the world!
  8. Make yourself dispensable— Train others in the different ministries and services you are involved in. You should not be the only one who can do a certain something in your church! You should be training others to take your place so when the day comes that God would call you to the mission field there are plenty of people trained to step in and take your place.
  9. Have friends that are missionaries and talk about the Bible and Great Commission all the time—Have friends you can talk to about World Evangelism and getting the gospel to the world. Have missionaries as friends, who encourage you to reach those around you and to become a missionary. As you have these discussions and talks, God could call you yourself to be involved in world evangelism and taking the Gospel all around the world.
  10. Realize that missionaries are just normal ordinary people that God called to take the Gospel to the world— They are not super spiritual giants. No, rather they are ordinary people with the same struggles and issues that you have. They have problems and difficulties too, but they look to God and see Him overcome them! If you realize that missionaries are just ordinary people just like you then you realize that God could call you and use you as  a missionary to take the Gospel all around the world!

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