Men Who Mentored Me: Mathew Kalmeta


Men who mentored me: Mathew Kalmeta

Mathew Kalmeta arrived in Virginia just about the same time that I did. He came to be the youth pastor at the church to which I had just moved. It was amazing how God timed it and how God used our time together to help grow me to who I am today. There were many hours spent talking about discipleship, soul winning and going out to share the Gospel in our community. We worked together on the bus route and it was always a good time as we talked about the Bible and just life in general and encouraged each other in the Lord. Mathew took time and poured his life into my life and helped me to grow in ministry and as a Christian. I am excited to see how God will continue to use him to mentor and pour his life into others as he plants a church in Oregon!

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