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Men who Mentored Me: Pastor Austin Gardner


Men who mentored me: Pastor Austin Gardner

I had no clue who Austin Gardner was until the summer of 2014. I had been invited down to an event hosted by Vision Baptist Church and was only interested in getting advice from missionaries. I knew what I was going to do and Pastor Gardner graciously listened to my crazy, off the wall, ideas and never said anything negative at all. Then God directed my wife and I to move to Vision. We moved down the following summer. Pastor Gardner gives his time to investing his life into others. He has done this his whole ministry, while a missionary and now again, as a pastor. His office is almost always open before and after services and normally guys are around, talking with him about missions and the Bible. He has taken time and poured his life into mine and continues to pour his life and insight of missions into my life. He gave me opportunities to get involved in the church and start a ministry that God used to lead us to going to Turkey! He has been such a great help and blessing now that I am a missionary on deputation and I look forward to all that Pastor Gardner will continue to pour, not only into my life, but pour into more young people’s lives and help them on their journey to become and be a missionary! I want to endeavor to pour my life into others like Pastor Austin Gardner has poured his life into so many!

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