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Men Who Mentored Me: Jeff Bush


Men who mentored me: Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush has been a big help and blessing to me since the first time a met him. I met him at an event Vision Baptist Church was hosting and he challenged me about coming to be apart of Vision. I dismissed him at first, but God worked in my heart and showed me that He wanted me to come be a part of Vision. Bro. Bush was very helpful in our transition into the church and the training at Vision. He would try to meet with me at least once a week when he was in town. He would challenge me with things I was reading and things that he was reading. He spent time pouring his life into mine and helped me to continue to grow. Since becoming a missionary, he still tries to be an encouragement and blessing to me and still takes time to challenge and encourage me in the Lord. He has spent many hours mentoring me and helping me to grow and continue to grow in the Lord. I am looking forward to how he will continue to be used to help mentor me in the states and then once we get to the field. I know that he will continue to not only to pour his life into mine, but into countless other young men who will go and take the Gospel all around the world.

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