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Steps to Becoming a Missionary: Surrender to God


Steps to Becoming a missionary: Surrender to God

Once you have the basics down that every Christian has, it’s time to realize that your life is not your own! Christ paid the price on Calvary for you to have eternal life and we have an eternal debt and gratitude to Him for that! The one thing He asks for us to do is to be surrender to Him. Romans 12:1 says, we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God. We are to be surrendered to His will and way in our life! There should be a point in your life where you realize that if you are a Christian, your life is not your own! It belongs to God! That is what I Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us! So often Christians live their lives only for themselves but the reality is, we should live our lives for God! Give God your life! You will not regret it. SO many people think that once they give their life to God then they will no longer have any fun or get to do anything cool or neat. That is not true at all! I am having so much fun living my life for God and have got to do so many amazing and great things serving God! Surrender to God! We do not become a slave that is miserable, rather we become a servant that is in love with our Master! Once you surrender your life to God then God will be able to work and move in your life to guide you to what is His will for your life! But you must let go and give control of your life to God! Have you surrendered your life to God? If you haven’t, why not do it today! Give God full control and let Him work and move in your life! Once surrendered to God, you are ready for the next step of becoming a missionary!