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Steps to Becoming a Missionary: Deputation


Steps to becoming a missionary: Deputation

Once you know where you are going and are approved by a mission board or a sending church to be a missionary, then you are all set for deputation! In this article, I will only do a brief overview of deputation. We will dig deeper in a few weeks about deputation and what to do and things like that! Deputation, though, is a necessary process for all that would be missionaries! Most think it is an outdated and useless process, but for quite a while it has been proven to be a reliable method of getting missionaries to the field! Deputation is a time that you will be stretched and probably worn out, but there are great rewards if you work hard at it! God will grow your faith and grow you while on deputation and this will also help get you prepared for when you get to the field! Don’t look at deputation as an obstacle, rather, a training and growing process for you and your family! Enjoy your time on deputation and when you can, try to have fun! You get to travel around the United States and preach and present in churches! You will get to see things many people will never get to see in their lifetime! But remember, always keep God first and foremost and rely and trust in Him during deputation! Your support will come in! You will get meetings and you will get to the field. But you need to work hard and do your part and then trust God to take care of the support and your needs! Although it may not seem like it, deputation is a necessary step in becoming a missionary and getting to the field! Let God use it to work in your life and your heart!