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From Misbehaving to Missionary: Part 9

From misbehaving to missionary: Part 9

Currently, my wife and I are on deputation to the country of Turkey! I am thrilled to be doing what God called me to do as a thirteen year old boy.  We are looking forward to finishing deputation and then getting to Turkey to learn the language and begin working with the people there! The honest theme through my whole life and journey to become a missionary is God and His direction in my life. Many times I wanted to rush ahead of God and do things ahead of God’s timing, but I am thanking God for His guidance and direction in my life! In II Samuel 22, David is at the end of his life but he is singing and praising God for all He has done. In verse 31, he says that God’s way is perfect! That is so true! In my life, following God and His way in my life even though there has been trials, tribulations and tough times I can say that God’s way is perfect and will continue to be perfect. But then in verse 33, he says that God maketh his way perfect. Through everything that David went through to become king and then all the difficulties and things he went through as he was king, David still said that God had made his way perfect! I look back at my life and how God has guided and directed. How He has used things in my life to grow me and teach me and I can say this; God has made my way perfect! I believe that as long as I keep looking to Him and following Him, He will continue to make my way perfect! To a lost and dying world, seeing the things that have happened in my life and the length of time it took me to get to start missions from when I was called, many would say God made a mistake. But I look at what God has done and back over my life and say, God did not make any mistakes. He has made my way perfect! In your life, maybe God has been working in your heart about serving Him, maybe even about becoming a missionary! First, I would tell you step out in faith and trust Him! Then secondly, as you step out in faith and endeavor to serve God, watch as He will make your way perfect! God may not take you the way you think you should go Andy he way you have planned for your life but He will take you the way you need to go and in the end you can, like David, say that He has made your way perfect. So are you going to step out and trust Him or are you going to try to direct your own path and go your own way?

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