How You Can Get Involved in World Evangelism Right Now: Pray


How You Can Get Involved in World Evangelism— Pray

There are many ways that you can get involved in world evangelism right now. The first one we will look at is prayer. Specifically praying over a map and praying over the world. What should you focus on and pray for? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pray for every country— Take a map and pray for every country on the map. You can do it all at one time or you can break it up into days, but pray for all the countries of the world and that the Gospel would go forward there.
  2. Pray for laborers— Pray that God would raise up more laborers to take the Gospel to each and every country in the world. Pray that God would guide and direct the laborers He has for each country and that they would get there and help reach the country with the Gospel.
  3. Pray for missionaries— Pray for missionaries that you know in specific countries. Pray that God would use their ministries and use them to plant churches and train men. Pray for missionaries you do not know but are in the country. Pray that God would use them not only to reach the country with the Gospel but help raise more laborers for the country.
  4. Pray for Christians in each country— Pray for those that are already Christians in each country that God would give them boldness and help them to grow and share the Gospel with more people in each country. Pray that God would keep those in persecuted areas safe and give them boldness when faced with trials and persecution.
  5. Pray for churches— Pray that each church in every country and city would reproduce. They would see not only more people coming to the church, but that they would send men out to start more churches and see more churches planted out of that church.
  6. Pray for national pastors— Pray that God would raise up national pastors in each country that would be trained to go plant churches and train more men to plant more churches!
  7. Pray for closed countries— Pray that God would open countries that are closed to the Gospel. That God would send missionaries to those countries and God would allow the Gospel to go forward in each country.
  8. Pray that God would direct you as to how you can be involved in world evangelism— Pray and ask God to direct you and guide you in the way He would have you be involved with getting the Gospel to the world! Pray that God would use you to help reach the world with the Gospel!

These are some ways that you can pray for the world and for world evangelism. Prayer is a powerful tool and many times we do not pray like we should. May we begin now to pray for the world and the great need of the Gospel to go forward all over the world!

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