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How to be Involved in World Evangelism Right Now: Read Missions Books


How to become involved in world evangelism right now: Read missions books

The statistics are sad about those that read. Many people in high school only read books because they are supposed and after school many people never pick up another book. A great way for you to get involved and see the need for world evangelism is to read! More specifically, to read missions books. Today we will look at what kinds of books you should read and what you should do as you read them.

  1. Start with mission biographies— There are many missionary biographies and autobiographies. Get these books and read them (or get the audiobooks and listen to them). This will allow to you see how God used men and women in the past to get the Gospel to the world. There are many different reading levels these come in so if you are not a good reader you can even find ones that are easy reads! But read biographies and be challenged by those God has used in the past!
  2. Read books on missions— Find good books on missions and read them. Some books I would recommend to start with would be The Challenge of Missions, Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, The Key to the Missionary Problem, and Peace Child. These are a few good ones and there are many more out there!
  3. Read books on evangelism— As a missionary, one should be concerned with evangelism. As you read books on evangelism and soul winning, it will not only encourage you to get involved where you are currently, but will also help you see how great a need we have in this world!
  4. Read books on discipleship—As a missionary, you will need to disciple new believers to maturity in Christ. You can start reading now, books about discipleship so that you can get involved in discipleship at your church, but also get a good idea of the great importance of discipleship
  5. Read books on training men—In order for a missionary to successfully reach a country and the world, he will have to train men. Read books on training men and you will see how God can use you to train men where you are, but how He can also use you on the foreign field to train nationals!
  6. READ THE BIBLE—Above all the other books the Bible should be the first book you read and study! You should spend time daily reading your Bible! As you read the Bible allow God to speak to you and grow you as a Christian! Look for world evangelism and missions in the Bible and see how it is the heartbeat of God! Reading the Bible will motivate you to get involved in world evangelism and see how God can use you to get involved!
  7. Take notes— As you read these books write down notes. Write quotes that inspire you, write things that speak to you, write questions you may have, write how the book helps to grow your view of the need of world evangelism. Write down things as you read and down the road you can look back and see how God used these books to speak to you!

Reading books is something that anyone and everyone can really do. Especially now with the abundance of audiobooks! A good way to get involved in world evangelism right now is for you to read books on missions and see how God speaks to you through them! What are some books you have read about missions that you suggest others read? What missions books are you currently reading? Comment below and let us know what you have read or suggest for others to read!

To help see the world reached with the gospel in this generation, check out the Center for World Evangelism!