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How to get Involved in World Evangelism Right Now: Help with Your Church’s Missions Conference!


How to get involved in world evangelism right now: Help with your church’s missions conference!

Most churches have some sort of missions conference, month or revival ever year. This is one way that you can get involved in world evangelism right now and help promote it at your home church! So what are some ways that you can get involved in your church’s missions conference?

  1. Ask to be a missionary’s ambassador— This means that you would take time to get to know the Missionary. That you would help them when they arrive to get to know not only the area, but the church. You would be their “go to person” for any questions they had about the conference or where they needed to be. This not only helps you to get close to a missionary and their family but also allows you to be a blessing to them!
  2. Volunteer to let a missionary stay in your home—This is a great opportunity to further build a relationship with a missionary. Be willing to allow them to stay in your home during the duration of the conference. Not only will it be a blessing to them but give you a great opportunity to talk missions and world evangelism with the missionary.
  3. Have them over or take them out to dinner—Again, if the opportunity to take them out to dinner or have them over to your house arises it is another great way to get to know a missionary and their family. It will also allow you to get a greater burden for that missionary, their family and country they are going to!
  4. Help decorate— Find ways to creatively decorate your church for your missions conference. Find ways to represent each country that will be there or that your church has missionaries in. This can help you promote the need of world evangelism to the church as they see the great need all around the world! Be unique and creative as you decorate and help bring excitement to the need of missionaries around the world.
  5. Coordinate the conference— Get with your pastor and see if he would allow you to help coordinate the conference. This could be all inclusive from getting missionaries to planning everything out to as much as just coordinating where the missionaries are staying and food for the missionaries. This will help you get in contact with the missionaries as well as help you promote world evangelism in your church! This not only could be a big help to your pastor but in the end, could be a big blessing to you as well!

There are many other ways you can get involved in your churches missions conference but I would recommend finding anyway that you can to get involved. This will allow you to get close to missionaries and their families and help grow your burden for the need all around the world. Getting involved in your church’s missions conference is a great way for you to get involved in world evangelism right now!

To help see the world reached with the gospel in this generation, check out the Center for World Evangelism!