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Missions Through the Book of Acts: Workers Commissioned Acts 13:1-4


Missions Through the Book of Acts— Workers Commissioned Acts 13:1-4

Over the next several weeks we are going to be looking in Acts, especially into the life of Paul. We will be looking at missions in the book of Acts and Paul’s process of missions. This week we will be looking at the beginning of Paul’s missionary journeys. We will be looking at the workers being commissioned!

  1. They were all working in the church— The men that were gathered together were all ministering in the church. These four men had worked hard and had been ministering in the church. They were known as men of God and were known because they had proved themselves by teaching, preaching and working in the church! That being said, if you are interested in missions, I would tell you to start right now getting involved in your home church. Begin getting involved in soul winning, discipleship, teaching, preaching and anything you can do and are allowed to do. Start by going to your pastor and asking him how you can get involved in your church. Start now by getting involved and working in your church and when people see that you are involved in your home church they will see what God has been able to do through and in you as you minister in your home church.
  2. They seriously considered the task— They realized the task ahead of them was a very large and serious. They took time and began to fast and pray for the task ahead of them. They were not going into this lightly. They were seriously praying and asking God for direction in their lives! They wanted to make sure this was what God had for them and where He was leading them. For you that are out there interested in missions, I would tell you to seriously consider the task in front of you. It is not a small or easy task and should not be taken lightly. I would challenge you to spend time praying and seeking God’s direction for your life. Make sure this is what God wants you to do. Do not take this decision or task lightly. Make sure you have been called of God and not of man! Seriously consider the task and then step out in faith and see how God can use you!
  3. They were sent from the church to do the work—Saul and Barnabas were chosen by God to go and take the Gospel to the Gentiles and the rest of the world. The church at Antioch was their sending church and supported and believed in them! That being said, if God has called you to missions, your sending church should be behind you! They should believe in you and pray for you! The way they do that is by seeing you get involved and be a help and blessing in your home church! Also,  you need to have a sending church that is your sending authority and to whom you are accountable!


Now we don’t know what happened to the other two men but just because they were not chosen for the first missions trip does not mean they were not still used of God! If God has or has not called you to missions you should still live your life, giving your all to God and serving Him with all your life! Next week, we will continue walking through the book of Acts and see Paul’s method of missions!


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