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A Christian Response to Christmas!


Christmas is right around the corner! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy the holiday, the time with family, giving gifts and so much more about the Christmas season. But as we look at Christmas, what should our response be as Christians? You see Christmas is a time we reflect back to when Jesus left heaven and came to be born of a virgin in a lowly manger. But as well look at that what should it do to us?

  1. It should make us worship Him— As we look at the birth of Christ and His willingness to leave heaven and become a man, the fact that He chose to be born in a lowly manger without any pomp or circumstance should drive us to worship our God! The shepherds were told of the birth of Christ and came and worshipped Him. The wise men saw the star and came from afar to worship Him. This year as we look at the birth of Christ, may it push us to worship God and thank Him not only for all He has done but for all that He is to us as Christians!
  2. It should make us look to the cross— Jesus did not just come to be born in a manger and be born of a virgin. No, He came with the purpose of dying on the cross for the sins of all mankind. He came to die that we might have eternal life! As we look at Christ this Christmas, may we look to the cross and remember what He did on the cross for the whole world. He came and died for the world. If you are saved, this should cause you to praise Him and thank Him for the salvation He has given you. If you are not a Christian this should push you to realize He loves you and died for you! That is why He came! Why not take the greatest gift ever given (Christ) and believe that He came and died on the cross for your sins and rose again the Third Day?
  3. It should make us look for His return— In this day an age, the return of Christ is scarcely talked about. Growing up it seemed like every event and every little thing people were talking about Christ coming back. But today we have been lulled to sleep and hardly say a word about it. Guess what! Christ is coming back! We do not know when, but we can mark it down He is coming back and every day is another day closer to Him coming back. While looking at Christ this Christmas, remember He is coming back for us Christians. This should motivate us to serve Him more and do all we can before Christ returns!
  4. It should make us want to share the Gospel— As we look at Christ coming, and being born in a manger it should motivate us to take the gospel to a lost and dying world. It should put a burning desire in our heart to tell the world why Christ came! He came to die on the cross for their sins and rise from the grave three days later! The shepherds were told of the birth of Christ and when they came and found Him in the manger they had to go tell everyone they met! As Christians, we have been commanded to go and take the gospel to the whole world! Most of the world will celebrate Christmas or a form of Christmas but they do not celebrate the true reason for the Christmas season! That means we must go and tell them! As we look at the birth of Christ, we should be motivated to go and tell others the good news that the reason he came was so they might live! Let’s take the message of Christmas and the Cross to those we come in contact on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis as well as to the whole world!

Truly, Christmas has become all about us and what we can get. It’s what makes us feel good and all the family traditions we create. While there is nothing wrong with celebrating the holiday and making family traditions, may we have the right response this year going forward. But guess what this should not just be our response at Christmas time, rather it should be how we live the whole year! We should worship Christ, look to the cross, look for His return and share the gospel all year round! As you celebrate Christmas this year, let’s know that He came to give us eternal life and wants us to get that message around the whole world! Let us go and preach the gospel to every creature this Christmas and this year!