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Who Should take Mission Trips?


Who Should Take Mission Trips?

We have talked before about the importance of mission trips, but this week I think it would be good to look at who should take mission trips! A mission trip can impact and completely change your life and outlook of the need around the world so let’s look at see who should go on mission trips

  1. Children— I would not suggest taking younger children unless you absolutely have to on a missions trip, but by the time a child is 10 or older they could enjoy and get help out of a missions trip! I would not send them by themselves, rather as a family, it would be a good way to go or with a group from your church. This will help them, at an early age, see the foreign field and the great need around the world!
  2. Teenagers— This is a prime age for someone to take a missions trip. Their minds are being formed and so is their worldview. Going on a missions trip will help them to see the great need around the world and also help them to realize that they could have an impact with reaching the world with the Gospel! Teenagers should definitely go on missions trips because God can use that in their lives to direct them into missions, but if not, it can help to direct them as they become adults to do what they can back home to advance world evangelism by giving, praying, etc.
  3. College age— If by this time in your life you have not taken a missions trip, what are you waiting for? Save the money and go on a missions trip! It will be great for your life, it will help you grow and will open your eyes to the great spiritual need around the world! Those that are in college should definitely be taking multiple mission trips!
  4. Adults—After college, you should still in your adult life continue to take mission trips. This will help you continue to see the need as well as help your burden grow for specific countries and areas. If you are an adult and have not taken a Missions trip what are you waiting for! Go take a missions trip instead of a vacation! It will be a wonderful time and help you grow in your walk with God!
  5. Senior Saints—Once you reach this age many people would say there is no need for you to go on missions trips. But this is a great age to go on a missions trip! By this age, typically, you are retired and have plenty of free time! Given that you have plenty of free time, you should be able to take a week or two and visit the foreign field! You will be a blessing and help to a missionary and it will also continue to help your burden for the world grow!

As you can see from this article, I believe anyone ten years old and older should go on missions trips! Now I understand if there are health issues and such, but don’t let excuses keep you from taking a missions trip! Save the money, raise the money and go on a missions trip! You will not regret it and it will change your life! For those of you reading this, when and where was your first missions trip? Where have you all taken missions trips? Comment below as we would love to hear from you!

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