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The Deputation Process: What even is deputation


The Deputation Process: What even is deputation?

Most people in Independent Baptist Churches, typically, know what deputation is; but to the rest of the world, this phrase brings confusion and questions. I am constantly asked by different people as we travel, what is deputation? So, today let’s clarify and let you know what deputation is.

  1. Deputation is the process by which missionaries raise their funds, so they can get to their appointed field and begin their ministry on the field.
  2. The Missionary’s goal will be to schedule meetings in churches to present their work on deputation. The purpose of these meetings is to introduce the missionary and his ministry to the church, in hopes that church will take on the missionary and support him,
  3. Missionaries need to have this support so they can go to a foreign country and do their ministry. In many countries, you are not allowed to work, so in order for a missionary and his family to have an income, they rely on support from churches and individuals in the states. Also, if they had to work it would make it harder for them to be fully focused on the ministry and field to which God has called them.
  4. Deputation allows the missionaries to meet pastors, church members, and Christians all over the U.S. He gets to see people and learn from people and their hearts and hurts.
  5. Deputation is a lot of miles on a missionary’s vehicle (sometimes vehicles). They travel church to church, city, to city, state to state trying to get their support raised so they can get to the field and begin their work there.
  6. Deputation has been called pre-field ministry. Deputation is a ministry in and of itself. A missionary on deputation will be going from church to church and has an opportunity to be a blessing and help to the churches and pastors he meets along the way. He has a responsibility, everywhere he goes, to be light and a testimony to those around him! It is not just a process, it is a ministry!
  7. Deputation is a chance for the missionary and his family to grow! God will grow your faith on deputation. God will grow you as an individual and a family. It is a time to grow and get prepared for your ministry on the field!
  8. Deputation is hard work. Anyone who is on deputation should be working hard. Not just trying to schedule meetings, but preparing as he goes church to church. Preparing for their future ministry on the field and growing stronger in their Christian walk. Deputation is hard work, but in the end, it is worth it all to get to the field and begin learning a language and preaching the Gospel to a lost and dying world!

There is a lot more I could say about deputation and what it is and how it works. But simply put, it is a time that missionaries travel church to church presenting their hearts and ministries to those churches in an effort to raise support for their ministry so they can get to the field and begin working there! Over the next few weeks, we will be looking more in depth at the deputation process, talking about things to do before and while on deputation, and how to be successful on deputation. We will also talk about how to schedule meetings and things like that. What do you think deputation is? Are you a missionary on deputation? We would love to hear your stories and your take on deputation? Are you a pastor? We would love to hear what you think about deputation, as well!