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The Deputation Process: Starting Deputation means you need meetings!


The Deputation Process: Starting deputation means you need meetings!

When you are starting deputation, you are going to need to book meetings! In order to get to churches and get your support raised, you must book meetings with pastors and churches! Over the next few articles, I would like to pass on some advice I have found helpful as I book meetings. Again, I am not the expert on these things but have seen God bless and since I started deputation, I have basically stayed fully booked. The goal as a missionary on deputation is to stay booked up and not drop into churches. It is possible to get a year or more booked if you are willing to work but today lets look at some things you need before you start booking meetings!

  1. A call list: You need to have a call list of some sorts that you can call through. There are many lists of churches that are out there and you need to get your hands on one of them. You can do this by doing research, asking other missionaries or compiling it yourself. You can find church info at as well as other sites. But you need to have a list, whether it is a spreadsheet or other form so you can call pastors.
  2. A way to manage contacts/churches you have called: There are many ways you can do this, by just simply writing them down by hand, to an app, but you need to have a way you manage who you have called, sent info to, spoke with and scheduled meetings with. This is important so you can keep track of who to call back, when you spoke with people, etc. I personally, just used a spreadsheet and it worked great for me, but you need to find what works best for you – from an app to CRM, to program, to spreadsheet – and use it and stick with it. If you need to change do so early on, because the further along you get the more calls you will have made and it will become more difficult to switch systems.
  3. A calendar: Everyone is saying, “I have one on my phone. I am all set!” I would say don’t just use your online calendar as your only means of writing down your meetings. I would find a digital calendar to use that can sync to all my devices, but I would also have a few other means as well. I personally used a spreadsheet and wrote down the dates for every Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday night. This allowed me to see all my openings in one place and not have to flip around my calendar. But, I also use on top of the calendar in my phone and the spreadsheet,  a paper calendar. This is the just in case the worse happens and I have no access to any of my digital information. You do not have to have a paper calendar, but just remember if you lose your calendar and schedule you are in big trouble!
  4. A phone and good calling plan: Today with cell phones you do not have to worry about running out of minutes or long distance calls, but I would recommend making sure that you have a good quality phone and a good phone carrier. You want to be able to make and receive calls as you travel around the US as well as be able to call pastors to schedule meetings.
  5. A headset: I highly recommend getting a headset for when you are making phone calls. First, it makes it easier as you are calling to take notes as you speak with people and not have to peck around a keyboard one handed. Secondly, it helps eliminate noises around you and focus on who you are speaking to and what they are saying. Whether it is just a good set of headphones or a Bluetooth headset, find what works for you but having a headset will make calling much easier!
  6. A place to call: Whether this is a home office or church office, you need a place to make phone calls. You want this to be a place you can not be disturbed so you can focus on making phone calls. Home offices are not the best unless you are really disciplined. Being at home you can get easily distracted by things in your home and end up losing time you could be calling. If you have a place you can go and be accountable to others that you are making phone calls it will be better for you. Try to find a place that is quiet if you can. Also, as you travel you can find places to make phone calls. From coffee shops to church offices, if you have a place you can make phone calls! I would say wherever you do make calls make sure you have internet access, but only for the purpose of sending and receiving emails!

These are just a few things you need to have before you start making phone calls and booking meetings! If you are a missionary on deputation is there anything else you would go back and tell yourself to have before you started deputation? If so, let us know in the comments so we can be a help to missionaries currently on deputation or who are going to be on deputation in the future!