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The Deputation Process: A Few More Things Before You Start Booking Meeting


The Deputation Process: A few more things before you start booking meetings!

Last week we looked at some things you need to have before you start making phone calls and booking meetings. This week we are going to look at a few things you should do before you start calling and booking meetings:

  1. Create a daily and weekly schedule: Plan out your day. Figure out how you will spend your time each day, how long you will work and what you will do in that time. You are responsible for your own schedule! You have to be disciplined and set a schedule and stick to it! When you start, most of your schedule should be taken up with making phones calls. As you get yourself fully booked then you can focus more on other things. Not only set a daily schedule and time frame but schedule out your week. Schedule what you are going to do, what you need to get done and where you will be. This will help keep you disciplined and on track when calling and booking meetings.
  2. Start each day off with devotions and prayer: Get in the Word of God each and every day! Spend time seeking God and His face each and every day! This will not just help you continue to grow as a Christian but will start your day off right. Don’t just rush through this time. Try to, daily, get at least one thing out of your reading and write it down!
  3. Ask God to give you meetings and fill your calendar: Each day ask God to give you meetings and help you to fill your calendar. We are responsible to make the phone calls, send our information and followup with pastors. If we do the work and ask God to help fill our calendars He will give us the meetings! If we do the process, God will provide the product!
  4. Be willing to work hard: You are going to have to make a ton of phone calls, to talk with many pastors, just to schedule a few meetings and that is hard work. You must be willing to work hard, keep making the phone calls and keep following up with pastors. There is no shortcut in deputation or booking meetings. If you cannot work hard now before you reach the field, then what makes you think you will change and work hard when you reach the field?
  5. DON’T GET DISCOURAGED: It is easy while making phone calls, booking meetings and being on deputation to get discouraged, but don’t get discouraged. Don’t let Satan get you down and off target! Just keep making phone calls, keep serving the Lord and don’t get discouraged. There may be days where you will hear no after no and not see a meeting, don’t let that keep you from making more phone calls. Keep going and trusting God and God will provide the meetings if you put in the work!

If you do these things and work at them, you will see God do great things as you call and book meetings! I look back and am amazed at how God blessed and helped as I called and scheduled meetings and He allowed us to get booked quickly. It is possible to have a completely booked schedule, but it will take hard work on your part! Next week, we will dive into the calling process and what to do and how to book meetings. We may be on that for a few articles as there is quite a bit that goes into making phones calls and booking meetings! If you are a missionary on deputation or on the field, we would love your input. Is there anything you would add to this list? Any other advice you would give those on deputation or starting deputation? Let us know in the comment section below!