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The Deputation Process: Responses While Making Phone Calls Part 2


The Deputation Process: Responses while making phone calls – Part 2

This week, we will continue looking more in-depth at responses you are going to receive while making phone calls. This is not a guaranteed “how to” on every situation but what responses I have found helpful as I have been calling.

  1. We are not currently taking on any new missionaries— You will hear this one quite a bit. Don’t be offended because of it. Just thank them for taking time to answer your call, write down the date you called and that they are not currently taking on more missionaries and move on to the next church.
  2. The pastor is not available: Two things you can do. First, you can just say you will call back or ask when is a better time to call to catch the pastor. If they give you a better time to call write that down and call in that time frame. If not, then try to call back again on a different day. Secondly, you could tell the secretary who you are and why you are calling. She then could direct you as to what your next step should be or will ask you to call back. Listen to what she says, take notes and follow what she has to say.
  3. Please mail or email your packet to us: You will get this from both secretaries and pastors. Find out where you need to send it and send it out as soon as you can! Take note of when you sent it and plan to follow up a few days later. You want to make sure they received your information!
  4. We have a missions committee that looks over and schedules missionaries in: Find out where you can send your information packet. Notate what they say and keep calling other churches. You can follow up to make sure they received it, but usually, if a committee or specific person picks the missionaries they will call you back if they want to have you in.
  5. Can you call back: Set a reminder of when to call back. Try to find the best time and number to call back and then when the time comes around, call them back!
  6. Pastor asks you questions: Answer the questions honestly. There is no point in lying just to get a meeting. That is wrong and dishonest. Answer the questions, but try not to spend long periods of time on the phone if possible. You do not want to be on the phone for one-hour answering questions and such. Answer the questions and then listen to what the pastor has to say.
  7. Pastor says they would love to have you in, but cannot take you on currently: My suggestion is to go ahead and schedule the meeting anyway. Make note of what the pastor said, but remember your job is to book meetings and God will take care of your support! Book the meeting and who knows, by the time you go or after you have been, they may be able to take you on. I have had this happen several times while on deputation and it is amazing to see how God takes care of the support if you take care of booking meetings! Yes, we are going to these churches to raise support, but our mindset shouldn’t be all about money, rather, it should be about being a blessing and help to the church and if you get support or a love offering out of it then praise the Lord!

What are some responses you have received as a missionary and what are some pieces of advice you would give to those on deputation when they receive those responses? Please comment below with your responses or questions! Next week, we will be discussing how to make follow-up calls!