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Highly Effective Christians Serve Others!


Highly Effective Christians Serve Others!

We live in a world that is all about self. What can I do for myself? How can I better myself? But as Christians, this should not be our attitude! We are called to serve! This week, let’s look at how a highly effective Christian serves others.

  1. By putting on the mind of Christ— Christ is the greatest example of being a servant! We are told in Phillipians 2 to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and it goes on to say He took on the form of a servant. Jesus led by example. He served his disciples, He served the masses, He served the world in His death. He gave up His life, that we might have life. We should look to Christ as our example and put on His mind in order to become a servant.
  2. By esteeming others better than ourselves— So often, we think we are better than others. That we are the ones that have arrived. But again, we should put others before ourselves. It should be about others and not about us! We should be willing to serve no matter the cost and no matter who it is! Are you esteeming others better than yourself?
  3. By humbling ourselves— If we truly humble ourselves and realize without Christ we are nothing, it makes it easier for us to serve others! If we are humble then we will not be lifted up in pride and we will want to help and serve others. We are in this world to minister unto others and to point them to Christ!

Are you living the life of a servant or the life of a king? We are not called to be kings. We are called to be servants. The greatest way to show the love of Christ is by serving others! Let’s put on the mind of Christ, esteem others better than ourselves and humble ourselves and serve those around us. Whether friend or foe, we should be a servant to all!

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