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The Deputation Process: Some things to have/do when you are traveling!


The Deputation Process: Some things to have/do when you are traveling!

So, you are scheduling your meetings which means that at least on Wednesdays and Sundays you are traveling to and from churches! Here are some things that I have found helpful to have with you while you travel on deputation

  1. Have an extra suit, white shirt, etc— You should always have with you an extra dress shirt, suit, pair of pants, dress shoes and belt. These are important for many reasons but one being you forgot to bring one of the mentioned items with you. Now you have it already in your car. The second being if while eating out with a pastor you happen to get something on you or spill something, you have an extra shirt or pair of pants to change in to. Always have a spare just in case the worse happens!
  2. Keep an overnight bag with you— This is just in case somethings happens and you have to spend the night out of town and weren’t expecting to. It is good to have these also if you are just really tired and the church you are at offers you a prophets chamber instead of driving all the way home, you can stay the night where you weren’t prepared to originally. This is useful and helpful to have with you while you are traveling.
  3. Always arrive into town early if possible—Especially on Wednesdays, try to get into town early and find a coffee shop or restaurant where you can relax and work on things. This sometimes is not possible on Sundays as you are traveling straight from one church to the next but if you schedule wisely and less than three hours apart, you should have time to stop somewhere Sunday afternoon and get a little extra work done!
  4. Keep plenty of prayer cards in your car— You never know when you are going to need more and the last thing you want to happen is to get to a church and run out of prayer cards!
  5. Find things to listen to as you travel— This could be a podcast or audiobook, but you are going to spend a lot of time in the car and might as well make use of it and help grow yourself! Many public libraries have resources where you can download audiobooks to your phone. Audible and Scribd are great resources for audiobooks as well. Take advantage of the hours of driving time that you have and listen to things, including sermons, that will help you to grow!
  6. Sign up for reward cards— Many gas stations have a rewards program. Sign up for as many of the free reward cards as you can. Shell is really nice as it saves you at least 5 cents each time and the more gas you purchase, you will get larger rewards! This is helpful as you will save money and earn free things as you are traveling! There are several other gas stations that do rewards cards as well! Make sure to sign up for as many as you can!

There are many more things I could write here, but these are just a few things that I thought would be helpful and beneficial to you. What about you that are on deputation or been on deputation, what are some helpful tips or things to have or bring with you while traveling on deputation? Leave a comment below and it will be a help not only to me but those that are on deputation or will be on deputation soon!