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The Deputation Process: During the Service


The deputation process: During the service

We have been talking the last couple of weeks on what to do when you arrive at your meeting. This week will be short and sweet but some important advice on what you, as a missionary, should be doing during the service!

  1. Turn in the songbook to wherever they are singing!— Unless they are projecting the words to the song on a screen, make sure to turn to the song they are singing! This shows you are engaged and excited to be there.
  2. Sing—No matter how good or bad your voice is, sing and sing out! Sing with a smile on like you believe what you are singing (at least I hope you believe what you are singing!) No matter how big or small the church is, make sure you are singing out!
  3. Pay attention—I know this sounds like common sense and it is, but you would be surprised at how easy it is to be disengaged and not pay attention when announcements or prayer requests are going on. Make sure to pay attention and be engaged with everything going on in the service! 
  4. Shake hands— Most churches have a hand shaking time. Make sure you get out of your seat/pew and shake hands. Try to shake as many hands as you can even if you have already shaken everyones hand before the service! Fellowship with them if there is time and let them know you are excited to be there!
  5. If there is an offering (not a love offering for you) try to put a little bit of something in the offering plate— It doesn’t have to be a lot, but put a few dollars in the plate. Remember that all we have is given to us from God and we should be known as giving people!
  6. BE FLUID— I know I have said this before, but this is vital that a missionary learn how to be fluid! You never know what they may ask you to do during the service, but be willing to do it. They could ask you to sing in their choir, sing a special, lead music, pray, preach, teach, testify, etc, but you should be ready and willing to do anything asked of you! If you are fluid and able to adjust and do anything asked, it will make things easier!
  7. If someone else is preaching, pay attention, take notes, say Amen—We all know that preaching is never easy and many times when you are preaching you look out and see people that are not listening or paying attention. That should never be said of you as the missionary. You should be fully engaged and listening. Taking notes of what the preacher is saying, being an encouragement by saying Amen (not saying to force them, but if there is a good point say Amen). It is easy to be distracted and not pay attention and sometimes you will go to places where the teaching or preaching is even harder to pay attention to, but just remember they are watching you and will notice if you are paying attention or not!

I know many of these things we just went over would seem basic, but they are important to remember. You are going to these churches, yes, to raise your support, but also to be a help and blessing to them. Make sure that during the service you are fully engaged!