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The Deputation Process— Presenting 


The Deputation Process— Presenting 

 Over the past few articles, we have been talking about what to do when you arrive at the meeting. Now we are going to look at presenting your ministry in the church and some tips when doing that!

  1. Be excited— Be excited about being at the church. Be excited about what God has called you to do! Be excited. People can tell if you really are excited about what God has called you to do or if you are just going through the motions!
  2. Be thankful— Thank them for allowing you to come in. Thank them if they put you up the night before. Thank them for anything they did for you. Show that you are grateful for all that they have done for you and will do for you.
  3. Show your passion— Can they see your passion for your country? Do you have passion about getting the Gospel to your country? If you don’t you may want to step back a minute and make sure of where you are going and what you are doing! If the people do not see your passion it will be hard for them to get behind you and want to support the work you will be doing!
  4. Show the need— Every country has a great need, but the church needs to see and feel that need. If they cannot see the need to send you as a missionary to the country, then they will not want to support you to get you there. If they can see and feel the great need in the country, it helps them realize the importance of people going!
  5. Be unforgettable—How will they remember you? Many churches see between six and twelve missionaries a year. What you say, how you say it and how you connect are all very important when presenting! Give them something to remember!
  6. Do not go over your allotted time!— IF you are given 5 minutes take 4 minutes and 50 seconds! Do not go over the time that was given to you. The pastor set the time and has many things to get done in a service. Be respectful of his and the church members’ time! Stay within your time limits! Make sure to have a way to count how long you have been up there from cell phone to watch, just make sure you are keeping an eye on the time!
  7. Sometimes they will have you present and preach. Depending on how much time you have to do both, take a few minutes and present your burden and heart for your country and then jump into preaching! 

Your presentation can help you or hurt you. If you do not show passion and show the need people will be hard pressed to want to come beside and partner with you. If you show passion and the people feel the need then people will see why they should partner with you and why you are going! We looked at presenting in the church this week, next week we will look at preaching in a church. What are some of your tips on presenting in a church? Please leave a comment below as we would love to hear from those of you who have finished deputation and things you have found helpful when you present in churches!