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Deputation Process: After the Service


Deputation Process: After the service

The service is now over. You just presented your work and possibly preached in the church, now what? This week we are going to look at some things to do after the service is over!

  1. Greet everyone as they are leaving—Try to get back to your display as quickly as possible, but make sure to take time to greet and talk with everyone you can. As people are leaving shake their hand and thank them for allowing you to be with them!
  2. Make sure everyone gets a prayer card— You may have missed people before the service or people may have slipped in late. Make sure to try to give everyone your prayer card. If you don’t remember giving them one then ask if they have one! You want to make sure everyone in the church has your prayer card!
  3. Leave a stack of prayer cards somewhere in the church— There may have been people in the church who were not there, but this also keeps you in front of the people. Leave a small stack at every church you go to. Some will have prayer card racks, others you can just leave on the table, just make sure to leave a stack at each church.
  4. Talk with people as they come by your table—Answer questions they may have, talk about stuff on your table, but most importantly, make sure to suggest they sign up for your email updates! This will help people know how to better pray for you, so as people are coming by your table suggest they sign up!
  5. Find the pastor and talk with him— As the crowd begins to die down, find the pastor and try to talk to him some more. It is always important to talk with and get to know the pastor! Spend time talking with him about his church, ministry, hobbies or anything he likes! 
  6. Be kind and courteous— Be thankful to the people for allowing you to come. Sometimes people will hand you money, be thankful to them. Be courteous to people as they are talking to you! 
  7. Be mindful of the pastor and church members—Be watching as people are leaving and as the crowd dwindles, start taking down your display. You don’t want to keep someone waiting on you as you take down your display. Make sure when most of the people leave, start taking it down so when the time is right you are ready to leave and they can turn off the lights and lock up!
  8. If you are able to and they offer, go out to eat with the pastor or church members—Unless you are on a time constraint, make sure to go out to eat with the pastor or church members if they offer. This is a great time for them to not only get to know you better, but for you to get to know them even better! 
  9. Never ask for your love offering—This is rude and inconsiderate if you do this. Just be patient and normally someone will bring the love offering to you. If they don’t, don’t get upset at the pastor or the church, it may have just been an oversight and down the road they will mail it to you. If not,  just remember yes, you are there to get support and want a love offering, but your main goal is to be an encouragement and help to the church. Having that mindset will then make the love offering the least of your worries!

These are just a few things that are important to do after the service is over. Next week, we will look more in depth at going out to eat with a pastor or church members! What are some more things you think would be good to do after a service? Let us know in the comments below!