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The Deputation Process— Prayer Letters


The Deputation Process— Prayer Letters

A prayer letter is not only vital while on deputation but also, once you are on the field! This will help you communicate with not only the churches that support you, but churches you have been to that may consider taking you on for support. This week we are going to look at what all should be involved in your prayer letter.

  1. Keep it to one page—Make sure to keep it to one page. Many times, if it is more than one page, they will only display one side and the rest of the information will be missed. Keep it to one page and it will be read easier!
  2. Send one out every month— You should send out a prayer letter every month. Many churches only require one every three months, but we should be putting out one every month! They are not hard to do and do not take a long time to write! Put one out each month to help people better pray for you and stay up to date on what is going on in your ministry!
  3. Put your picture on it— This will help people remember what you look like! Make sure to keep this updated as often as you can (especially if you have children). 
  4. Talk about what has happened the last month— When on deputation tell people where you have been, how many new supporters you had, and how many miles you travelled! These are short details, but give people an idea of where you have been and what you have done.
  5. Write about what God has done!—Tell about a blessing or two that has happened over the past month. Let people know how good God has been and is! Give God some praise! Even if they are small things like safety traveling or new support!
  6. Write a short Bible challenge— Write about something God has been teaching you over the past month. Write a short thought that you got from your Bible reading the past month. This will help be a challenge to the people who read your prayer letter.
  7. Write prayer requests—Write some prayer requests that you have. Let people know how they can pray for you!
  8. Tell what is coming up next— Tell them where you are going to be next month or things that are coming up! This will also help them pray for you better.
  9. Invite them to upcoming camps or events— Maybe your mission board or home church is hosting an event. Invite people out to these events and help promote them!
  10. Tell a funny story— Tell of something funny that happened to you or your family over the past month. People like to see the real you and like to laugh with you!

These are just a few things you can include in your prayer letter. Obviously, you will not be able to put all of these in one prayer letter and keep it to one page, but select a few and change it up each month! What are some things you have seen in prayer letters that you like or that you put in your prayer letters? Comment below with these as we would love to hear your ideas and more things to add or put in our prayer letters!