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The Estate Part 3


As the servant began to focus on themselves, many of the early fields that had shown much fruit were now abandoned and were quickly overgrown. The servants that were still there to work, shifted their focus to new areas of the estate, but quickly abandoned the original plan to see the whole estate worked. The servants, instead, began to fight amongst themselves and began to focus on just the small part of the estate they could see. Soon, the idea that the master was returning was forgotten or hardly talked about because it had been so long since he had originally left and a large portion of the servants thought he would never return.

Sir Comfort was still there urging and helping the servants, but many were just comfortable working their immediate area. Occasionally, a few servants would branch out and go to new parts of the estate to work and see some fruit for their laborers, but many of them died working alone in the far part of the estate they went to, while others when they came back to report of the fields and the needs in them were turned away.

Quickly, the servants began to be focused just on themselves and taking care of their needs and many forgot about the command of their master or that their master could return at any time. The task of working the whole estate was abandoned for quite a while, and only every once in a while did people step out and try to fulfill the desire of their master. But that was all about to change as Sir Comfort was about to help move and motivate some of the servants to step out of their comfort zone and start obeying the command of the master!

To be continued…

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