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The Estate Part 4


For quite a while much of the estate had been abandoned and only small parts of it were being worked. The area where much work had started had become overgrown and almost forgotten. The servants were content to spend time working on themselves and their immediate area of the estate but were not willing to branch out. Sir Comfort began to work with and urge some of the servants to branch out and fulfill the command of their master.

Some of these servants began to urge the others servants to go with them. A few of them ventured out to other parts of the estate and began to work. Some of the work was very hard and tedious and new skills and processes were needed to see that part of the estate cultivated and planted. As the servants began to see the need of the whole estate, they would come back and plead with the servants that were just staying where they were. Many of these servants said they could not go, but would help send supplies and provide support for them to go. Soon, there was a quick growing force going to different parts of the estate. Still though, not all of the estate was being reached, but at least more of them were getting involved. From a certain part of the estate, much of the servants were being helped and sent out to go work difficult parts of the estates. But sadly, the harder areas were mostly neglected.

After a while, things began to settle down again and the servants moved on to another part of the field to continue the work. Again, there were some servants that were branching out and going to other parts of the estate, but the servants began to once again focus on themselves in this new part of the estate. Instead of completely fulfilling the command of their master and go to the entire estate, they focused on just the immediate fields they could see.

Once again though, Sir Comfort stirred up some to go and obey. These went from the new part of the field and tried to urge others to go with them. Again, most servants were pleased to help send others, but not willing to go themselves. This continued on for several years with the process continuing of times of increased going out to other parts of the estate, but there was still a major focus on the servants themselves and their immediate area, but not on working the whole estate.

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