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The Estate Part 6

The Estate Part 6

The master was soon to return, but the affairs of the estate were not good. So long ago has his command sounded to go and to work the whole estate, but sadly, the servants had not fully obeyed the command. As the masters return approaches, let us look at the state of the estate today.

You see servants are still working, but a large majority of them are working in only 5% of the estate. They are working and arguing over HOW they are working over that 5%. Then you realize some servants have left to go to other parts of the field. Many of them have gone to do so, ill equipped and untrained. They go with the bare necessities and sadly, many return before much work is done. Then you see some of the servants who have gone to parts of the estate where the work is easier. The ground has already been plowed in parts and there is not as much work that needs to be done. There are still difficult areas in this part of the estate but people have easier time at seeing fruit. There is still a need for more servants to go and work this part of the estate to see it fully worked!

Now, we turn our eyes to an area of the estate where it is harder to see fruit and costs more to work in. Fewer people have gone to this area because the work is difficult and hard. But the truth is, if you would go to this area and work, the servants would see fruit for their laborers. If other servants would send more help and send more people, this part of the estate could see much work done and fruit produced. At this point, there are parts of the estate that are left that makes up about 1/3 of the whole estate. Included in this area is the part of the estate where the servants first began to work. This part of the estate has hardly been worked at all. Some have tried, many have quit and a couple have seen a little success. You see the ground is rocky, overgrown and filled with trees. It is still  fertile ground. The work will be hard and tedious, but if servants were willing to go to this part of the estate and work they would eventually see a great outflowing of fruit!

But the work is hard and can be dangerous. There could be a risk of life, as wild animals roam this part of the estate, as well as difficult work situations. Again, the master commanded his servants to go work the whole estate. He promised them that if they worked the whole estate they would see fruit. He left them Sir Comfort to help them, and yet, even today, the servants are sitting idly by doing little to work to reap the harvest in the fields. But today is the day the master returns…

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