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The Estate Part 7


The master has returned from his journey. The servants were unaware he was even coming back and now he has returned. An announcement is sent out far and wide calling all the servants to gather together. Many of the servants came in ashamed because of the lack of work they were doing. Some servants came in sad because they needed just a little more time in their part of the estate to see fruit for their labor, but all of them were excited to see the master. As they gathered in to see the master, he began to take them around the estate.

The servants were eager to take him to the area they had done the most work, to show what great works they had done. The master began to look over the work, but then took them to other parts of the estate. He began to see how little work had really been done and he was disappointed with the servants. He said, “Did I not command you and tell you to go work all the estate?” The servants pleaded and said “But master the work was hard, but look what we have done in our little area!” The master shakes his head and says “Why did you do the majority of work in only 5% of the estate?” Why did you not go out to the whole estate and work it. The servants began to reply about how hard the work was, how difficult it was and how little fruit it brought about.

The master looked at his servants and pulled a few to the side and said, “These have labored all around my estate. They have obeyed my command. Well done, my servants.” Then he address the other servants, “I made a command for you all to go. I sent you Sir Comfort to help you work the whole estate and I told you the whole estate would be fruitful If you just worked it. You have disobeyed my command and have become unprofitable servants. Why did you not trust my word? Why did you not obey me?

You could have seen the whole estate covered with fields full of fruit of your labors. I will now send more servants to go and finish the work I have asked you to do. But you could have seen the whole estate plowed, planted and reaped. You could have done more, but you spent too much time arguing amongst yourselves. You spent too much time working on your little areas of the fields and getting them to look pretty and nice, that you forgot there was a whole estate that needed to be worked! It could have been done, but you have not obeyed.”

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