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The Army Part 1

The Army

A battle has been raging since the beginning of time. The King has a battle plan though and a purpose for his army. After spending time recruiting and training his first leaders for several years, he is about to send them into the great fight of the ages. The King looks at his small army, and tells them that he has the authority to send them out to battle. He tells them to go and take the whole world and promises them that he will be with them as they go. He also promises them they will have victory if they fight the battle.

You see the enemy had captured the majority of the world and had them held in captivity. No matter how hard the world tried, they could not get freedom, but the King has the keys to set the world free and put the battle for the world in array! He was sending his soldiers to go out and to fight for the freedom of the whole world. He told them to go back to their home base and to wait till he sent their General. This General would give them the power to go and also lead them to where they would go. His plan was for them to start taking back their home base first, but also expand out from there at the same time.

The King then left, promising he would return one day. When he returned, he would return victorious, but he needed his soldiers to get into the battle and to obey his commands! As the King left, the soldiers stood there standing for a moment, thinking he would surely be coming back right away. Two of the King’s guards told the soldiers to get moving and that the King would return, but there was work to be done. So the soldiers went back to their home base to begin to prepare for the upcoming battle. 

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