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The Army Part 2

The Army Part 2
As the soldiers went back, they were just a few days later met by the General. The one who would lead and guide them. The General laid out the plans for them and they went headlong into battle. The first battle many were set free and it continued like this for many days. But then some troubles came. The leaders of the army were captured and taken prisoner. They were threatened and told to leave the fight. But these men knew they were fighting for their king and had a command to obey.

They went back fervently fighting the great battle, but they forgot one thing. They were supposed to be spreading out and going all around the world, but they were just focused on one city. Then, for the first time ever one of the soldiers was killed. This had never happened before, but it emboldened the enemy and they began to fight harder to kill the Kings soldiers. Many of them decided it would be best to disperse out and go fight the battle in some other areas. The command of the King was slowly being followed, but not like it should have been.

The enemy had a great leader on its side. He was doing all he could to arrest and kill the Kings soldiers. This man thought what he was doing was right, until one day he met the King. He realized he was fighting for the wrong side and was set free. The King had a special job for this man. He was going to be on the front lines fighting to take the battle all around the world and free many from the bondage they were in, but first, he needed to get some more leading and training before he could go.

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