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Missions and Technology: Website


Missions and Technology: Website

 Websites are a vital way for us to connect as missionaries and also, churches to connect with their missionaries as well. It goes without saying that every church and missionary needs to have a website and in the world we live today, there are many tools that make it easy to make and put one up! Let’s look at how both churches and missionaries can use websites to promote missions.


  • Have a spot on your website where you post the missionaries your church supports, unless they are in an area where they request their names not be shown. Not only should you put up their names, but also, link their website on your website so others can click on them and find out more about each missionary you support. Make sure to keep it up to date as you add new missionaries or drop them. This is a great way for the people of your church to see all your missionaries in one place, but also a way for others to connect with missionaries that your church supports.
  • Have your missions policy somewhere on your website so missionaries can know what to expect when they come by your church!
  • If you have a questionnaire for missionaries to fill out, put it on your website and give instructions on who and where missionaries should send information to try to schedule a meeting with you.


  • Make sure your website looks good and is easy to navigate.
  • Put your picture and where you are going on the front page so people know who you are and where you are going. 
  • Put your information packet somewhere on your website. This will allow people to know even more about you and your ministry.
  • Put your ministry philosophy and what you plan to do in the country you are going to somewhere on the page.
  • Have your ministry video on your home page so people can see the ministry you are doing.
  • Have a blog page. Use this to put up updates, prayer letters and missions articles. This is a great way to help promote missions to anyone and everyone who comes in contact with your website.
  • Have a page that talks about your country. Put some unique facts and stats, but also ways people can better pray for your country.
  • Have a way, on your website, for people to signup for your email updates.
  • Have links to all your social media sites, your mission board and home church’s website as well. 
  • Make sure you have a place that displays all your contact information. That way if someone is interested they can get in contact with you!
  • Have a place that tells people how they can help support your ministry. If you have a way to receive online support from people, put the link on the website. Also, let people know to where they can mail support checks. This is helpful for you to receive monthly support, as well as one time gifts for your ministry!
  • Keep your website updated. Update family pictures, frequently. Also, let people know where you are and what you are doing. IF you do not know how to keep it updated find someone who can help you. 

Websites are a great way to keep missions in front of people. Not only is it a way for churches to let missionaries know who they are, but also, let people know what missionaries they support. As missionaries, websites are great to let people know more about you and how to better pray for you, but you should also be writing blog articles about missions to help motivate the next generation of young people to give their lives to get the gospel all around the world!