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The Army: Branching out!

The Army Part 5: Branching Out!

The army had adjusted its location and position many times. Many of the areas where the army saw great victory at first, were now being over run by the enemy. The army was still plodding on and doing training exercises, as well as helping in their local areas, but few were attempting to step out and obey the King’s command. Finally, one day, a young man stood up in a meeting. He had read and reread the words of the King. He told the leaders of the army that day that something must be done. We need to send out soldiers to the whole world. The leaders that day mocked that young man and told him to be quiet or he would be thrown in the brig for insurrection. But this young man would not be stopped. He knew the King had given a command to take the battle and set free the whole world from the enemy. He would go.

He set out and through his courage and boldness, many others were embolden by what he was doing. They too took the command of the King seriously and began to go out and fight battles all around the world. Through these men, many new areas were being won for the King. Captives were being set free and then sent back into the battle to help. But many of these soldiers were facing hardships and many were going to a new country to battle, and within just a few years passed away from some disease. There needed to be more soldiers who would go and fight. But the army could not spare any. They needed them back at home! They did not want to give up their best. But thankfully, there were still young men who heeded the King’s command and came to take the battle to the enemy.

Sadly, as these men who stepped out and led others to follow them passed off the scene; once again, the army began to focus on itself. Yes, men and women still went out to fight in the world, but not at the rate they once did. Now many of the countries that were once apart of the King’s kingdom were in the enemy’s clutches. The enemy was doing all he could to keep the army from advancing and he was succeeding.

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