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The Army: Setbacks


The Army Part 6: Setbacks

 The army began to grow and to once again move its base of operations. Once again, for a short time, soldiers were going out and fighting the battle, but it eventually died out again. The reason for this was that the army wanted to focus on securing its borders. They wanted to focusing on fighting local battles instead of global battles. Another hinderance was them fighting amongst the different divisions in the army. They were fighting over small, petty things while the enemy was gaining ground all over the world! So few were willing to obey the King’s command. The ones who would obey were going out under trained and under supported, which caused many to return back from the battle field. Who would go out? Who would take the fight to the enemy? Well, some would answer the call. It was a small number, but at least they were willing to go. But then some would set out on their journey to go and would get discouraged and quit. Some would get to their battlefield and see how hard it was and quit. Others would fight on their part of the world for many years until they were weary and really could fight no longer, but they could not leave because their were no younger or new replacements for them on the battlefield. Then of the ones who would go, so many would stack up in certain areas and fight, but then the problem arose that as they set captives free they would just keep them where they were. They would not train them and send them out! Still, a large portion of the battlefield was being forsaken. There was a reason for this though. You see, this part of the battlefield the enemy had held for a long time. Not only that, but many of the soldiers who went to this area faced intense resistance and some were injured, jailed or even killed. Who would go and fight in these areas? Who would go and fight for the King and his Kingdom?

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