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The Passcode to the Missionary Problem: Lack of Missions Writing

The Passcode to the Missionary Problem Part 3: Lack of Missions Writing

As we desire to see a renewed zeal in missions and sending of missionaries, we are going to need to see an increase of writing and showing of the need. As a whole, there are many books about missions, but not enough. There are not enough blog articles, social media posts, and books about missions going on today. Instead of focusing on writing about missions and the need in the world, we focus on arguing doctrine and theology. Although both of these subjects are, most assuredly, needful to write about, why do we spend so much time writing about  opinions and not enough time writing about the whole mission of the church, which is missions? If we keep Christians informed about missions and the need, it will help fuel the fire of new missionary endeavors. So what kind of writing needs to be done?

  • Simple writing about missions— This can be books or blog posts, but just write the basic need for more missionaries and why we are to go. 
  • Steps people can take— People look at missions and wish they could do it, but there is never a path laid out for them to take to become a missionary. We need people who are or have been missionaries, to write about steps people can take on their journey to missions!
  • Information about countries— We need people willing to write not just facts about countries but about the need in those countries. The sad reality is that most Christians only know a little bit about other countries. What is even more sad, is missionaries only know a little about  a handful of countries. We need people to spend time giving information about countries and helping to show the need in those countries. In the past, missions mobilizers would travel the world and write about their experiences and needs in the countries they visited. In the day and age we live, we should be doing this and getting the information about all countries of the world! Then as people see the need, God can work in their hearts to direct them to all the countries of the world!
  • Process of missions— This would be from the basic things needed to advance training, but we need people who have lived on the field and done missions to write books about things that work and don’t work. To help guide and direct future missionaries, as they go forward on deputation, to language learning, to church planting even up to the point of leaving the field as God leads you. We need this to help us know what to do and help direct new missionaries as they go through each of these milestones in their missions life.

There could be many more things about missions that need to be written about. But the truth is, we need more people writing on and about missions. If we are to fix the missionary problem then we must see more writing on and about missions!

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