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Passcode to the Missionary Problem: Now What?

Now What?

After all these articles and seeing that the missionary problem is a personal problem, how should we, as Christians and churches, respond? Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures. We must go above and beyond what we are currently doing. We must realize that we will not see the world reached in this generation, unless something drastic is done. We must not stay where we are, rather, we have to change and take the steps necessary to see the world reached in this generation. We must be awakened from our sleep! Here are somethings that we can endeavor to do, in order that we can see the world reached with the gospel.

  • We must be united in our purpose— We have to sound the warning bell to every believer and every church. We need a united front to get the gospel to the world. Let’s set aside petty disputes and look at the great need in the world! Let’s work together to not only get missionaries to the field, but do all we can to raise up more to go, to give all we can and to pray for the world! We must realize the purpose of every church and every believer is to reach the world with the gospel. So often today, churches are divide by issues that really don’t matter. The only thing we should divide and separate on are true doctrinal issues. Outside of that, why not labor together to pray and to send missionaries all over the world!
  • We must wake every believer to do all they can to save some!— We must wake believer to the fact that hell is a real place and people are going there. We must wake them up to the fact that they were not saved to live comfortable, Christian lives, but rather to take the gospel to the whole world. We must get every believer to get involved in the evangelization of the world someway and somehow. That starts with, at first, seeing the need, but then as they see the need, it should move them to prayer. As they are moved to pray, it should reflect in them by giving to get the gospel to world. Not all will go, but as they see the need, pray and give then many can be motivated to give their lives to go!
  • We must pray, together, for the world— IF we really want to see the world reached with the gospel, we must be given to prayer. We must seek the face of God and pray that God will awaken us from our stupor. We must seek His face and ask forgiveness for failing to obey His command. We must pray that God will raise up more laborers and open doors all over the world for the sake of the gospel. Why not get with people in your church or city and commit to a week of prayer. This week of prayer starts with asking forgiveness and making sure our hearts are right with God, but also, will include not only praying for missionaries we already know, but calling out each country by name and also, praying for laborers to be sent to all of the countries of the world that the world would be reached with the gospel! Let’s put it in our hearts to seriously pray for the need of the world!
  • We must give— Not only should we be willing to pray, but we should be willing to put wings to our prayers by giving. As we see the need around the world and pray for the world to be reached with the gospel, we should be motivated to up our giving towards missions! This does not mean to foolishly give, but to make a conscious effort to give more. To decide that we will give up a few comforts and give the money we would spend on them towards missions. That we will give more than we have before and as we can, to endeavor to get more missionaries to the field by giving. If we took serious the command of God to get the gospel to the world, we would see it by our giving! Let’s give more towards missions so we can see the world reached in this generation!
  • We must go—Not everyone can go, but we should have the mindset that unless God tells me to stay, I will go. We should equip those in our churches to go. It can start in your local community by going and taking the gospel to them, but really, we should look at the world and give our lives to get the gospel to those who have never heard! We should be teaching and training all we can to go, so that we can see the world reached in this generation! We must be raising up the current and next generations to go instead of keeping them and stashing them in our churches as children’s workers and Sunday School teachers. Let’s be sending more than we ever have before! 

As Christians and churches, there is much we must be doing. The truth is, we have failed to obey the command of our Lord and Saviour. We have allowed millions to die and go to hell because of our apathy. But now is time to say, enough is enough! Now, in this generation, we take the Great Commission seriously. We do all we can in our lives and in our churches to see the world reached with the gospel! Let’s stop sitting on the sidelines, as billions head straight towards hell, and start going with the gospel all around the world

To help see the world reached with the gospel in this generation, check out the Center for World Evangelism!