Pulling The Out of the Fire is Not Safe!

Pulling them out of the fire is not safe!

Jude 23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Running into a burning building, putting out a blazing fire, and reaching into a fire do not sound safe at all! But these are all things that firefighters do to help save lives. As normal individuals, we would even consider doing these to save the life of someone close to us and maybe even someone we didn’t even know, if they needed help! This is not “safety first,” rather, it is putting others lives and their safety first.

The verse above, talks about pulling people out of the fire. This is referring to putting ourselves at risk and doing all we can to keep people from spending eternity in hell. This is not putting “safety first,” rather, it is risking all we can to tell others about Christ. This should be how we, as Christians, live. You see, people are dying and heading straight towards hell and many of them don’t even know it! That means, we should be willing to do all we can to tell them of Christ and His love. We should be willing to abandon common sense and step out of our comfort zone to share the gospel with that cashier. We should be willing to leave friends and family and give our lives to take the gospel to a Muslim country.

You see, people are dying and going to hell all around the world and we need to stop it with “safety first” in our lives and churches. Rather, we need to realize we are crucified with Christ and we are dead to self. That means, we live to Christ and His will. His will is that we risk ours to share the gospel with others. So, what if you are laughed at? So, what if your pride is hurt? So, what if you are arrested or injured or worse, killed? Is it not worth it to see people not spend eternity in hell? Let’s stop it with “safety first” and realize you do not see it anywhere in the Bible and let’s do all we can to see the world reached with the gospel in this generation.