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Getting Rocks Thrown at You is Not “Safety First”

Getting rocks thrown at you is definitely not “safety first!”

Imagine preaching Christ to a city, but then they rush you outside the city and start hurling stones at you until you go down. They think you are dead. Christians are standing around you crying, because they think you are dead. But you are not dead—God has protected you and you stand up. What would your response be? For most of us today, sadly, it would be to run and hide and say, “Well, I did my best,” but guess what Paul’s response was? He, basically, went back into the same cities that ran him out and preached Christ to them! Talk about not putting one’s safety first! But Paul realized that it wasn’t about his safety. It was about doing all he could to preach Christ where he had not been named! He put his life at risk so that all he came in contact with could hear that Christ loved them and died for them on the cross. As Christians, when small trials and tests come in our lives we run for the hills, but instead no matter if trials test or persecutions comes, we should be willing to continue sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world! Paul did not put safety first, he put God and the gospel first and we today should do the same thing!

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